Outreach To the Russian-Speaking Community

Want to reach out to the diverse Russian-speaking community of Oregon and SW Washington, which counts about 150,000 people?

We can help you to do this in an effective and culturally-appropriate way through the following avenues:

Radio Outreach

Coordinate interviews/talks on broad range of topics on the local Russian language radio, invite speakers, promote the show through social media to attract more listeners and viewers, and provide interpreting;

Print Media

Write stories for local Russian language print media (magazines and newspapers), develop flyers and brochures;

Social Media

Promote your messaging, events and agenda through social media popular among the community;

Community Forums

Coordinate and facilitate community events, gather feedback, and take notes;

Community Surveys

Conduct surveys and polls to gather input from community members.


Write scripts based on your input, engage speakers, if needed, shoot and edit the videos;

We also offer a Delux Outreach Package, which can include any of the above outreach efforts and additional activities of your choice.

We are here to help your communication with the Russian-speaking community!

You can reach us at: